so I accidentally bought 2 body pillows off ebay when I just meant to buy one… in other words I spent a lot more money then I wanted to

if you want one then send me a note of what you want and ill send you my paypal info.

So I guess I will do some cheap commissions… 
$2 for drawing, no background (ok if you really want a background I can try but it wont be that good…) 

  • style 1


  • style 2


  • Style 3 (pretty much the same as style 2 but slightly different I guess…)



An art trade I did with DA user xNek0x (will post their tumblr later on)

The one on top is their part of it, its my OC Novipone, lookin’ cute in a maid outfit.

The bottom one is my part of it, its their OC Spring Leaf, I really like the color scheme for her, it mixes very well.

aaaah thank you, this is so cute!